Torino Motors delivered the first Daily CNG in Bulgaria
Torino Motors Industrial Vehicles AD delivered the first Iveco Daily running on methane in Bulgaria. The vehicle is model 50C11GV, with loading capacity 15,6 cub.m. and CNG (Compressed Natural Gas) 2,8l engine with 106 hp. After filling the fuel tank to the top, the vehicle can run from 326 to 360 km. The price for this run accoring the the current market prices is approximately 20 leva. The engines in CNG versions are considered by many for the engines of the future, because of the ecology and much lower expense of the methane engines, compared to the diesel engines. At the moment in Bulgaria is accepted the European standard for ecology and safety Euro 4. At the same moment the CNG engines cover much higher ecological norms and assure several times lower pollusion of the environment. The fact that in Bulgarian currently appear more and more methane stations, makes the management of vehicles with CNG engines easier. Due to the new developments of IVECO contenting the growing requirements, Torino Motors soon will offer to its customers vehicles with CNG engines with 140 hp.